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How to Market My Rental Property – Ashburn Property Management Advice

At JT Management Group, we want to be sure your house shows well to prospective tenants – on the internet and in person. Part of our Ashburn property management services include getting your property ready for the rental market. We do this on-screen, with social media sites, real estate websites, and internet marketing; and, off-screen with potential tenant showings. Today, we’re sharing our steps in that process.

Showing Your Ashburn Property

Our detailed walk through begins outside the property to make sure there’s curb appeal. We inspect the front door, windows, and the entire exterior to make sure everything is in good condition. Inside, we inspect each room and make sure the paint and the carpet are in good shape. We take time to go into the kitchen and look at the cabinets, drawers, and appliances, wanting to make sure that everything is functional. If we find any issues or problems, we make a note of those necessary repairs. Our intent is to list a property and provide a home that a prospective tenant can fall in love with.

Professional Pictures and Video

Once your property is show-ready, we take professional pictures and videos to advertise the home. When we photograph a property, we take hundreds of pictures of the interior and exterior, from a multitude of angles. The best 30 to 40 pictures will be downloaded and used online. We also use the images in a slideshow video. Equally important is a detailed description of the property that highlights what sets your home apart from the others. This might include upgrades such as stainless steel appliances and a finished basement, the location of the property such as near highways and schools, and anything that will entice potential renters to see the property.

Advertise for Ashburn Tenants

Our enhanced MLS allows us to take full advantage of technological tools. We provide a detailed description using every allowed character. We post 30 pictures and use ListHub to propagate the information out to the internet. Our intent is to provide maximum exposure so the largest number of possible tenants who are renting Ashburn property and REALTORS who help them can see the listing. We want to minimize the amount of time the property is vacant.

We post listings on our website, Facebook page, and the group pages of a number of targeted groups. You can even create a Facebook page specific to your rental property and invite friends to share it. There are numerous ways to advertise, but we recommend sticking to what you know or utilizing the help of experts.

If you have any questions about marketing your Ashburn rental property, please contact us at JT Management Group.

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